IT in a Box

Low Cost, Expandable Infrastructure

  • Server & Workstation Monitoring    
  • 24×7 Helpdesk Services    
  • Website Design    
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery    
  • New Office Network Planning & Layout    
  • Network Equipment Supplementation & Installation    
  • Enterprise-grade VOIP Phones & Phone Systems    
  • Cabling Infrastructure Design & Installation    
  • Email Encryption Solutions    
  • Cybersecurity Protection & Computer Maintenance

All-in-one package for your IT infrastructure

IT in a Box provides you with essential services that secure your IT infrastructure. We will customize your IT in a Box plans to your preference and provide flexible services. United Cabling will supply a convenient package without the hassle of managing multiple different vendors, while providing a low-cost solution to fit your IT needs. Our package includes IT solutions such as sever & workstation monitoring, helpdesk services, website design, data backup & recovery, network planning, installation services, phone systems, cabling, email encryption, cybersecurity protection, and more.